Type: jQuery UI Widget

jpanel allows for the easy creation of panels, having a similar look to the jQuery UI accordion, but allowing for multiple panels to be open at the same time. The panels also allow for persistence, so if you close a panel then refresh the page, that panel will remain closed (if persistence is enabled).

Content and header existed on DOM

This panel contents reside on the dom prior to jpanel being run over it. Kevin strip steak hamburger porchetta drumstick landjaeger. Pork belly short ribs sausage, chicken pastrami venison tail swine. Chicken meatloaf pastrami frankfurter. Short ribs tongue swine meatloaf. Venison porchetta andouille swine jerky corned beef. Short loin chuck tri-tip, sirloin venison beef ribs porchetta capicola ribeye ham hock pork chop. Spare ribs strip steak venison pork chop short loin chuck.

Extra buttons in header.

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